About Us
    A PMB or personal mail box is a numbered box located inside our office where you can have mail and packages
    sent to. When applying for a PMB you will need two acceptable forms of ID. PMBs are rented on a monthly basis
    and cost under $18 to $20 per month ($10 initial deposit on key). Mail can be picked up during our normal business
    hours or 24 / 7 with a 24 hour access key ($15 deposit required).
A few reasons for having a PMB with us
Protection form identity thieves. Identity thieves are known to rummage through mail boxes looking for sensitive and
personal information. Having a locked mail box eliminates this threat to your confidential information.

No more longer will your mail be delivered to your neighbors house on accident. Do you have nosy neighbors or
roommates? By using or PMB service you can receive your mail and packages with discretion.

Business Mail
 A PMB is a great way to separate your personal mail from your business mail. A separate address gives a small business
a professional look and allows you to keep your private residence address private.

Mail forwarding
 A PMB is a great way to have a local address even if you live elsewhere. With our mail forwarding service we can accept
your mail here and once a week forward it on to a different address for you.